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BestPick Mega Millions Software combines powerful logic with a simple and straight-forward interface. The software will download past drawing results, analyze and pick the highest probable numbers, and finally show you exactly what ticket combinations to play. It's all done in three simple clicks using the interface buttons!


By accounting for past results, you will be selecting numbers that carry a higher probability of being picked.  Statistically, there is over a 90% chance of numbers chosen in the previous 25 drawings to come out in the next drawing.  SO, right from the start, you will be increasing your odds dramatically by using past drawing results!


The software will automatically list, sort and analyze past results.  Getting these results is easy- just click the first blue button "Download Results" and the results for the past 25 Mega Millions drawings will automatically be downloaded.  


After downloading the past 25 drawing results, click the middle blue button "Make Picks" and the software will apply its logic and automatically pick out the highest probable recurring numbers.  Additionally, you have the option of playing using your own numbers by simply entering them in the "Personal Picks" section.


To get your tickets, click the third blue button "Select Key Amount" and select the dollar amount that you want to play.  The software offers a wide range of playing amounts, from $2 to $182, so you can control how much you want to play each drawing! 


Your ticket combinations will be populated on the "Ticket Key" tab, and can easily be printed out using the print function.


The ticket analyzer allows you to save the ticket key combinations that you play, and later compare them to actual drawing results to see how many numbers you hit. This added feature saves you time and helps avoid mistakes if you were to analyze your tickets manually.  As seen below, it will highlight every match that you made, let you know if you hit the Mega Ball, and show a total of how many of the 5 regular numbers you hit per line!


*Software if for PC's only. Sorry MAC users, I'm working on a version for you coming soon!



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